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Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Books Team Work

English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Poem : Team Work


Deed – Act; Achievement

Scheme – Plan

Fame – Glory

Mate – Companion; Partner

Spirit – Will; Determination

O’re – A(poetic)abbreviation for ‘over’

A. Read the poem aloud and fill in the wheel with its rhyming pair. Also try giving your own rhyming word. One is done for you.


B. Fill in the table.

Contraction is a shortened form of a word or group of words, with the omittedletters often replaced in written English by an apostrophe (‘).

It’s        –  It is

Doesn’t    –  Does not

There’s   –   There is

You’ll   –   You will

That’s    –    That is

I’ve                  I have

He’d –   He would/He had

Aren’t   –     Are not

He’s  – He has

Won’t   –     Will not

Can’t   –    Cannot

C. Answer the following questions.

1. What qualities are needed to play a game?

To play a game we need courage, skill and team spirit.

2. What helps one win the game?

We should pull with the team. We should work with our running mate. This team spirit helps us win the game.

3. How is team spirit created?

We should forget self and co-operate with others. We should run with our teammates, play with them and help them to score. Thus the team spirit is created.

D. Read the lines and answer the questions given below.

1. I t’ s helping your fellowman to score

W hen his chances hopeless seem;

Its forgetting self till the game is o’ re

And fighting for the team.

a. What does ‘it’ stand for here?

‘It’ stands for winning the game.

b. Write the rhyme scheme for the above lines.

The rhyme scheme is : ab ab

2. T hey may sound your praise and call you great,

T hey may single you out for fame,

But you must work with your running mate

Or you’ ll never win the game;

a. Whom does ‘ they’ refer to?

‘They’ refers to the people who watch the game.

b. Which line talks about team spirit?

‘But you must work with your running mate’.

c. Pick out the rhyming words from the given lines.

great – mate;

fame – game

E. Pair work. Discuss with your partner and list out any five team games.

1. Football

2. Volleyball

3. Hockey

4. Relay race

5. Basketball 

Additional questions

1. What are the things regarded as well and fine?

It is very well to have courage and skill. It is fine to be considered a star of sports.

2. What does the poet say about a single deed and a lone hand?

A single deed cannot make a player manly.

A lone hand cannot win a game.

3. What is the thing that counts in a game?

How we pull with our team is the thing that counts in a game. 

4. What can the spectators say about a player?

The spectators can praise a player and call him great. They may say that all credit goes to a single player.

5. What should you do to win game?

We should work with our running mate to win the game.

6. What happens to a man with a selfish dream?

A man with a selfish dream cannot do the work of life.

7. How does team spirit affect the battle?

The battle is won or lost due to the presence or absence of team spirit.

8. What is a greater thing to do?

One should set his mind and will on the goal that is in front of him.

It is the greater thing to do.

9. What should a player do to a fellowman?

When a fellowman has no hope of winning, the player should help him to win.

10. How should a good player play the game?

A good player should forget his self. He should fight for the team with team spirit.

Paragraph Writing

How does the poet stress the importance of team spirit?

A player may have courage and skill. He may be counted a star. But he should pull with the team. There is no use in doing a single deed all alone. People may praise a player and call him great. But the player must work with his running mate. A battle can be won if the player plays with team spirit. He should set his mind and will on the goal in front of him. A good player is one who forgets self. He can win a battle if he has team spirit.

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