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Samacheer Kalvi 6th English Books Think To Win

English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Supplementary : Think To Win

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. “Girls you are a good team.” Which team do the girls belong to?

 a. Badminton

b. Hockey

c. Relay

d. Volleyball

2. Spring fields is the name of a ________.

a. team

b. house

c. company

d. school

3. The inter-school sports meet refers to competitions among the ________.

 a. teams of the same school

b. schools in the locality

c. schools in neighborhood

d. schools from other districts

4. Seema is Rucha’s ______.

a. friend

b. teammate

c. younger sister

d. opponent

5. Order the names of the members in Team B relay event. Shabnum was followed by

 a. Neelam, Aruna, Rucha

 b. Aruna, Rucha ,Neelam

c. Neelam, Rucha, Aruna

 d. Aruna, Neelam, Rucha

Answer : 1) Relay 2) team 3) schools in neighbourhood 4) younger sister 5) Neelam, Aruna, Rucha

B. Answer the Following.

1. How does Rucha differ from her sister?

Rucha was overprotective and she seldom did things rashly. Her sister Seema was bold and prone to taking risks.

2. ‘Springfields has a runner and they call her P.T. Usha’. Why did they call her so?

The runner of Springfields team could run very fast. So they called her P.T.Usha.

3. Describe the qualities of the new P.T. Instructor Mr. Prakash.

The new P.T. Instructor Mr. Prakash was very enthusiastic about sports. He drove the children hard. He was praising, scolding, correcting and mostly encouraging them. He instilled a positive attitude in them.

4. What words were ringing in Rucha’s ears when she was running in the relay?

When Rucha was running in the relay Prakash Sir’s words ’Think to win’ were ringing in her ears.

5. What did Rucha finally realise about herself?

Rucha finally realized that she could overcome her hesitations and denials. She could win whenever she chose to.

C. Read the given lines and answer the questions.

1. His voice came from some distance away and, Rucha realized that he was not holding the bicycle any more. “ I will fall! I will fall! ” she wailed.

a. What was she afraid of?

She was afraid of falling from the bicycle.

b. Was the boy closely following her?

No, the boy was not closely following her. He was some distance away.

2. For the past two weeks he had been teaching her to ride.

a. Who was teaching whom?

Vishnu was teaching Rucha.

b. What was he teaching?

He was teaching her to ride a bicycle.

3. Even ‘ P.T . Usha’ came to shake her hand. “ I thought I was fast, but you were simply superb! ” she shook hands with her.

a. Who does the word ‘you’ refer to?

The word ‘you’ refers to Rucha.

b. What quality of the speaker is revealed?

The magnanimous quality of the speaker is revealed.

D. Think and answer.

Imagine you are Rucha and make a diary entry on your feelings about the day’s happening and your victory. The start is given. Complete the diary.

E. Discuss in class.

How did Rucha overcome her self- doubts? 

In the beginning Rucha was fearful and pessimistic. She was overprotective. She was hesitant and doubtful of her talents. But her P.T. Instructor Mr. Prakash instilled hope and confidence in her. He urged her to have a positive attitude. He was confident that Rucha could win. His advice and training helped Rucha to overcome her self-doubts.

How can shyness and fear be overcome?

It is common for girls, especially for those who come from rural areas to have shyness and fear. In a male-dominated society they hesitate to come out and face problems. Such people should be taught the value of optimistic outlook. They should confront things with a positive attitude. They should associate themselves with good people who are sociable, bold and daring. They should learn to have self-confidence. Such things will help them to overcome their shyness and fear.

F. Role play.

* Work in groups and enact the story.

Select the character you are going to impersonate.

* Read the story carefully.

* Prepare your dialogue.

* Co-ordinate with your group.

* Present your skit to the class.


G. Prepare a collage on different sports and present it in the class.


Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).


1. Positivity

Believe in yourself.

Take part in competitions, prayer activities, etc.,

2. Communication

Interact with your classmates, team mates, and teachers at the right time.

3. Dedication

Put your heart and soul into whatever you do, to turn your dreams into reality.

4. Willing

Never let an opportunity slip by.

Take part in scholastic and co- scholastic activities willingly.

5. Adaptability

Adapt yourself to the changing needs.

Make use of the technology available for learning.

Discuss: Have you ever employed any of these qualities in your daily life?

Share your experience.


Identify the sport name from the given wuz z les. One is done for you.


Find the odd one out.

eg. Weight lifting, Boxing, Silambam, Fencing

1. Hide and Seek, Kho-Kho, Tennikoit, Kabaddi : Hide and Seek

2. Badminton, Cycling, Tennis, Squash : Cycling

3. Trapeze, Throw Ball ,Bowling, Goalball : Trapeze

4. Snooker, Polo , Five Pins, Carrom Board : Carrom Board

5. Cricket, Base Ball, Hockey, Basket Ball : Basket Ball



1. https://www.kheloindia.gov.in

2. https://www.india.gov.in/topics/youth-sports/games

3. https://www.womeninsport.org

4. https://www.olympic.org/women-in-sport-commission

5. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/the-50-most-influential-womenin-sport-the-full-list.

6. https://www.womenssportsfoundation.org

7. https://ngwsd.org


1. Ranji’s Wonderful Bat & Other Stories – Ruskin Bond

2. Sports Magazines

Pioneers in Sports


Sport Stars

Experience the thrill of playing sports word quiz game.


Step-1 : Scan the QR code and install the game from Android play store.

Step-2 : Open the game and click play to start.

Step-3 : Look at the picture clue. Drag and drop the letters to coin the name of the sport.

Language Activity:

Collect the names of different sports by playing this quiz.

* Talk about your favorite sport in the class.

Learning Objectives:

1. To know different sports.

2. To develop speaking skill.

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