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Samcheer Kalvi 7th English Books Alice in Wonderland

English : Term 2 Unit 1 : Supplementary : Alice in Wonderland

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Identify the character / speaker.

1. I must find out why he’s in such a hurry! – Alice

2. Go to my cottage and fetch my gloves and fan. – White Rabbit

3. Oh no, I’ll never get back to the right size. – Alice

4. One side makes you big, the other side makes you small. – Green caterpillar

5. I’ll see you later at the Queen’s croquet game. – Cheshire Cat

6. You may stay if you answer my riddle. – Mad Hatter

7. Wake up. You’ve been sleeping for too long. – Sister of Alice

Discuss and Answer.

1. Why did Alice follow the rabbit?

Alice wanted to find out why the rabbit was in such a hurry. As she was curious to know this she followed the rabbit.

2. Do you think this was a good idea?

No, I do not think this was a good idea.

3. Why can’t Alice get through the little door into the garden?

The little door was about fifteen inches high. As Alice was too big she couldn’t get through the little door into the garden.

4. Why does Alice drink from the bottle that says ‘DRINK ME’ and why does she eat from the cake that says ‘EAT ME’?

The words ‘DRINK ME’ magically appeared on the bottle. So Alice drank from the bottle out of curiosity. As Alice was hungry she ate the cake that said ‘EAT ME’.

5. How does Alice feel after all these changes?

In the end Alice grew to her normal size. It made her happy.

6. What do you think is going to happen next?

Next, Alice is going to meet March Hare and the Hatter.

Think and Answer.

1. What challenges does Alice face and how does she overcome them?

Alice sees a door about fifteen inches high. She opens it with a golden key. She is unable to enter the doorway as she is too big. She drinks from the green bottle. Her size shrinks and she easily enters the garden. On eating a cake, Alice becomes larger than the house. Then she becomes small using a magical fan. In the end she eats a part of the mushroom and comes back to her normal size.

2. Have you ever had a strange dream? Share your dream in the class.

A few days back I fell asleep after a long walk. I had a fearful dream. I was swimming in the deep sea with my friends. All of a sudden my friends vanished. I heard some strange noise. A huge whale was coming close to me. I tried to get away from it. There was an octopus waving its tentacles fearfully. A giant crab moved fast towards me. I saw a long whip and I seized it to drive away the beasts. But the whip turned out to be a big sea snake. Immediately I let it go and screamed for help. Now my mother came there and roused me from sleep as I had to go to school. When I opened my eyes I realized that it was a terrible dream. How frightened I was!

Role play

Put students in pairs to role play a conversation between:

* Alice and her sister.

* Alice and White Rabbit.


It’s fun to help out in the kitchen. You can even practice reading aloud when reading the recipe. And you can learn a little math by figuring out how to measure. Here are a few fun items to make that are “Alice” themed.

Rabbit Salad

In this recipe, you will create a salad shaped like a rabbit.

* Start by washing some lettuce leaves. You will be using them as the base for the salad. Spread the leaves on top of a plate.

* For the rabbit body: You will need half of a fresh or canned pear. If you have a whole pear, cut it in half lengthwise. This will be the body you will decorate.

* To create the rabbit’s nose: use a cherry or some red-coloured, dried fruit, like a cranberry. Place it in the middle of the narrow part of the pear.

* Now you can add the eyes. Take 2 raisins and put them just above the nose on the narrow part of the pear.

* Next, the rabbit will need its ears. Use 2 almonds or other nut of choice and stick them into the pear above the eyes.

* Lastly, all rabbits need a tail. Take a small piece of cauliflower and place it at the rear of the wide end of the pear half. For a sweeter version, use a mini marshmallow.

Learning About Nature

 Learn about caterpillars and butterflies. Read a book about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. You can get one from the library or go online and find information with pictures.



* To learn and practise the three forms of adjectives.

* To know and practise about the rules while comparing the adjectives.


1. Type the URL link given below in the browser or scan the QR code.

2. You can see the home page of the interactive game of Adjectives.

3. Click START button to start playing the game. First choose the adjective to be compared by clicking the image. Click PLAY button.

4. Click the right form of adjectives and check your progress. Levels and Time limit is given on each side.

5. Complete all the exercises by clicking arrow button in the home page while selecting various adjectives to check your knowledge in Degrees of comparison..

Website URL

Click the following link or scan the QR code to access the website.


** Images are indicative only.

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