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Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Books When Instinct Works

English : Unit 5 : Supplementary : When Instinct Works


harnessed (v) – tied the horse to a cart using strips of leather and metal fittings.

tollgate (n) – a gate across a road or bridge at which travellers must stop and pay

sturdy (adj) – strong

groan (n) – deep sound

bridle (n) – a set of leather straps tied around the neck of a horse to control it

instinct (n) – an innate typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals In response to certain stimuli

a dead stop (n) – complete and sudden stop

Questions Answers

A. Comprehension

1. Choose the best option

1. The season mentioned in the story is ________.

a) spring

b) autumn

c) summer

d) winter

[Answer: (b) autumn ]

2. In one low part of the road the was halfway up to black beauty’s knees.

a) the river

b) dust

c) water

d) leaves

[Answer: (c) water ]

3. The bridge was broken in the ________.

a) front

b) rear

c) middle

d) up

[Answer: (c) middle]

4. The instinct in had often saved the lives of men.

a) girls

b) animals

c) birds

d) boys

[Answer: b) animals]

5. Black beauty dared not move even to the sharp snap of the –.

a) stick

b) thread

c) whip

d) kick

[Answer: (c) whip]

2. Match the following

Man at the toll gate – had many stories to tell.

Bridge – wise.

John – have special knowledge

Black beauty – flashing a torch.

Animals – sturdy rail

[Answer: 1. (d), 2. (e), 3. (a), 4.(b), 5.(c)]

1. Man at the toll gate – (d) flashing a torch.

2. Bridge – (e) sturdy rail.

3. John – (a) had many stories to tell.

4. Black beauty – (b) wise.

5. Animals – (c) have special knowledge. 

3. Fill in the blanks.

bed of straw, bridge, crossways, supper, toll gate, oak, flood, lean, flashing, wrong, the branches, stronger afternoon, sudden stop, terrible

1. Just then, the man at the toll gate on the other side ran out, flashing a torch.

2. Even when John tried to lean him forward Beauty did not move.

3. We were saved because Beauty had known that something was wrong with the bridge.

4. Suddenly an oak tree came crashing down and fell right in front of us.

5. He told that the bridge had just broken due to the flood.

6. As we went through the wood, the branches of the trees were swaying and making a terrible _____rushing sound.

7. A little later, when we reached the bridge Beauty came to a sudden stop.

8. When we started back from the town, it was late in the afternoon The wind was much stronger.

9. John said we must go back to the cross ways find another way to the wooden bridge.

10. Oh! What a good supper he gave me that night. And then a really thick bed of straw.

bed of straw, bridge, crossways, supper, toll gate, oak, flood, lean, flashing, wrong, the branches, stronger afternoon, sudden stop, terrible

4. Based on your understanding of the story write the answers for the following questions in a sentence or two.

1. Did Black Beauty like to pull the cart?

Answer: Yes, Black Beauty liked to pull the cart, as it was very light and the high wheels rolled along so smoothly

2. How was the weather?

Answer: The weather was very windy and the dry leaves blew across the road. There had been a great deal of rain.

3. Describe the bridge.

Answer: The low wooden bridge had sturdy rails on both sides. As the river banks were fairly high, the bridge went across just level.

4. What was the alternate plan suggested by John to reach the wooden bridge?

Answer: The alternate plan suggested by John to reach the wooden bridge was to go back to four cross ways.

5. Why was Black Beauty reluctant to cross the bridge?

Answer: The moment Black Beauty’s feet touched the ground which was the first part of the bridge, the horse sensed something was wrong. So it was reluctant to cross the bridge.

5. Write the answers for the following questions in 100 words.

1. What did the man at the toll gate on the other side tell them?

Answer: The man told them that the bridge was broken in the middle. Part of it had been carried away by the flood. If they proceed, they will be drowned in the river.

2. Was Black Beauty afraid to cross the bridge?

Answer: No, Black Beauty was not afraid to cross the bridge. But it knew that there was some problem and the bridge was not safe to cross.

3. What did John think about human’s attitude on animals?

Answer: John thought many people did not take very good care of their animals or make friends with them as they should do. According to John, such an attitude of human should be changed. Master told John that God had given animals a special knowledge and quicker to respond to danger. This instinct in animals, the Master continued, had often saved the lives of men. John had many stories to tell of dogs and horses, and the wonderful ways the animals had saved the lives of people.

4. What would have happened to all the three if Black Beauty had not been wiser?

Answer: If Black beauty had not been wiser, all the three would have been drowned at the wooden bridge.

5. Where did John take Black Beauty and what did he give her?

Answer: John took black beauty to the stable. He gave her a good supper and a thick bed of straw to relax. 

6. How will you take care of your pet? Write about in fifty words.

Answer: I will take care of my pet dog by providing it with a protected and clean living environment. I always keep fresh water and quality food for my pet. I will also communicate with it and develop a relationship with it. I will take my pet for a walk, every morning and evening.

Step to Success, Connecting to Self

Step to Success

Coding – Decoding verbal reasoning.

1. In a certain code language, if Violet is called as Green, Green is called as Red, Red is called as Brown, Brown is called as Orange, Orange is called as Yellow, Yellow is called as Blue and Blue is called as Indigo, then what is the colour of human blood in that language?

a. Red

b. Blue

c. Green

d. Violet

e. Brown

[Answer: (e) Brown]

2. In a certain code language, if Pen means Eraser, Eraser means Book, Book means Scale, Scale means Sharpener, Sharpener means Duster and Duster means Table, then what is the name of the object that is used to clean the black board in that language?

a. Duster

b. Sharpener

c. Table

d. Scale

e. Book

[Answer: (b) Sharpener]

3. In a certain code language, if Bread is called Butter, Butter is called Milk, Milk is called Shirt, Shirt is called Shoe, Shoe is called Bicycle, Bicycle is called Watch, Watch is called Aeroplane and Aeroplane is called Ship, then which of the following indicates time in that language?

a. Watch

b. Bicycle

c. Milk

d. Ship

e. Aeroplane

[Answer: (e) Aeroplane]

Connecting to Self

Put a  for the do’s and put a × for dont’s.



To Enable the students to familiarize If – Conditional clauses.


1.Access the application with the help of the link given below or the given QR code and install it in the mobile.

2. Click Menu button at the top left and click “Notes” to read about Conditional sentences and its kinds with examples.

3. Choose “Practice” from Menu to practice exercises in conditional clauses by drag and dropping exercises.

4. Click “Quiz” to check your knowledge in this topic.

5. Practice with all exercises to strengthen your knowledge in If conditional clauses.




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