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Samcheer Kalvi 7th English Books The Wind on Haunted Hill

English : Term 1 Unit 2 : Prose : The Wind on Haunted Hill

Warm Up

1. Find the hidden words in the pictures. One has been done for you.


2. Solve these riddles.

Question (Who am I?) – Answer

1. I have a face but no eyes, hands but no arms. – Clock

2. I sit in a corner while travelling around the world. – Suitcase

3. I go up when rain comes down. – Dust

4. I have a head and a tail but no body. – Coin

Section I


Listen to the teacher read this section.

As you listen,

a. Underline the words or phrases that tell you what the wind does to the village.

b. Write the names of the characters in this story.

1. Usha

2. Suresh

3. Binya

Work in pairs. Read the story above and find the answers to these questions.

1. What were the children doing beside the stone wall?

Beside the stone wall the children were spreading clothes out to dry.

2. What did Suresh ask Usha? Why?

Suresh asked Usha whether he could go with her to the bazaar. Usha was going all alone to the bazaar. She had to cross the Haunted Hill on the way. So he asked that question to Usha.

3. Who told the children the story about the ghosts on Haunted Hill?

Their grandfather told the children about the ghosts on Haunted Hill.

4. What did Usha see while walking to the bazaar?

Usha went through the fields. She saw the yellow mustard flowers. She saw wild flowers growing in the walls of the house in ruins. She saw a wild plum tree with its white flowers scattered beneath the tree. Lizards were scuttling over the stones. A whistling thrush was singing its heart out.


1. moaned – make a long, low sound

2. haunted – possessed

3. ruins – decayed, collapsed building or place

4. terrible – fearful

5. saddle – low point on a ridge between two summits

6. crumbling – breaking apart into small pieces

7. scuttled – ran with short quick steps

8. whistling – thrush – a small singing bird

9. straggling – spreading out in different directions

Section II

Two scary events from this section are listed here. Write the events that take place in between in the correct order.


1. forbidding – unfriendly or frightening

2. foliage thrashing – hitting leaves and branches

3. flicker – shine

4. startled – frightened

5. remnant – what was left

6. crouching – bending down

7. groaned and clattered – banged together and made a loud noise

8. puddle – pool of water

9. blotted out – hid

10. streak – line

11. sizzled – hissed like something hot on a frying pan

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the greatest unsolved mysterious spots in the world. It is a triangular shaped area in the North Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of people and numerous boats, ships and planes have disappeared inside this triangle. The reason for these disappearances still remains a mystery.

Section III

Discuss with your partner and complete the table.


1. stumbled – lost one’s balance

2. giggle – laugh lightly

3. huddled – crowded together

4. excitedly – feeling great eagerness

Read and Understand

A. Choose the most appropriate option.

1. The wind hurried and passed through the ___________

a. apples and mangoes.

b. pines and deodars.

c. berries and cherries.

2. The market was ____________ away from the village.

a. 3 miles

b. 7 miles

c. 11 miles

3. Usha went to visit her ____________ house after shopping in the market.

a. Grand father’s

b. aunt’s

c. cousin’s

4. Usha took shelter in the ____________

a. ruins.

b. caves.

c. dens.

5. At dawn, the ____________ began to sing.

a. cuckoo

b. linnet

c. thrush

Answer : 1. b) pines and deodars 2. a) 3 miles 3. b) aunt’s 4. a) ruins 5. c) thrush

B.  Think and answer

1. Why was it a struggle for the children to dry their clothes?

The wind blew hard and the clothes fluttered in the wind. So it was a struggle for children to dry their clothes.

2. What story did grandfather tell them about the haunted hill?

Grandfather said that there were many ghosts in the ruins. A family in that house was killed during a storm a hundred years ago. There were two children among the those killed. At night, Grandfather had seen them playing in the moonlight.

3. What did Usha buy in the market? List them.

Usha bought soap and matches, spices and sugar. She bought a pipe stem for grandfather’s hookah. She bought an exercise book and some marbles for Suresh. Usha bought for herself a necklace of amber-coloured beads and trinkets.

4. What scared Usha during the dark rainy night?

When lightning flashed, Usha saw two small figures, crouching in the fireplace. The ghostly figures looked up and stared back at Usha. This sight scared Usha.

5. How did the children react when they met each other at the ruins?

When Suresh shouted, Usha recognized his voice. They repeated each other’s names and fell into each other’s arms. They were surprised and relieved. They laughed, giggled and huddled together. They started chattering.

C.  Discuss in class.

“Was it just the wind?”– What do you think Usha thought it was? Why?

The three children came out of the ruin and set out for home. Usha looked back at the ruins. They said goodbye to the place. All of a sudden they heard the words ‘goodbye’ repeated. Usha felt that perhaps it was the wind. The noise of the wind was like echoing the word ‘goodbye’.


D.  Unscramble the sound – describing words from the text. One has been done for you.

E.g.: igeglg – giggle

1 noam – moan

2 murebl – rumble

3 lowh – howl

4 mobo – boom

5 cohe – echo

6 nogra – groan

E.  The Detective’s Dictionary!

Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks.

1.  A detective is someone who investigates a crime.

2.  A victim is someone who suffers the effect of a crime.

3.  Someone who might have committed a crime is a suspect.

4.  A clue is an idea or fact that helps us solve a mystery.

5.  An evidence is an information we have that proves us that something is true.

Language Check Point

Don’t say: I am here since last week

Say: I have been here since last week.

Note: An unfinished action has to be in the present

Don’t say: When I woke up my roommate left the room already.

Say: When I woke up my roommate had left the room already.

Note: The action that occurred before the second action has to be in the past perfect tense.

Don’t say: My mom has called me yesterday.

Say: My mom called me yesterday.

Note: The present perfect tense cannot be used with an expression of past time.


F.  Listen to the news report carefully and complete the following.

1.  Name of the place Gollamudi in Andhra Pradesh.

2.  What happened? There was a ’rain of fish’.

3.  What time of day did it happen? It happened in the early hours of one morning.

4.  What did the people say? That kind of fish was not usually found there.

5.  What do strong winds and gales carry? They carry fish and sea animals along with the water from rivers and canals.


G. Work in pairs.

Have you ever been scared?  What happened?  How did you feel?  Talk about it in one or two sentences with your friend. Repeat it to the class.

Yes, I have been scared. I am scared of clowns. Although they are very funny their painted face is very creepy and scary to me.



Present Perfect Tense

Present perfect tense tells us that an action is complete at this time.


I have completed my home work.

Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect tense tells us about an action that took place before another action in the past.


The train had left before he reached the station.

Future Perfect Tense

Future Perfect Tense helps to describe an event that is expected or planned to happen before a time in the future.


We would have completed our project by next week.


H.  Frame five questions using the picture clues. Begin with “Have you ever”.

I. Fill in the blanks with the past perfect tense with the help of the words given in the brackets.

1. When Usha looked out of the window dark clouds had gathered (gather) over the mountains.

2. She had no umbrella with her; the weather had seemed (seem) so fine just a few hours ago.

3. All was dark again. Night had fallen (fall).

4. She ran towards the big gap in the wall through which she had entered (enter).

5. Usha looked back at the ruins. The sun had come (come) up and was touching the top of the walls.

J.  Read this text and fill in the blanks with future perfect tense.

Iniya moves to Chennai to join an IAS coaching class. Tomorrow by this time, she will have joined (join) the class. She will have undergone (undergo) training till next year. She will have worked  (work)very hard by the time she comes home. Her parents will have worried (worry) about her health all the time. They have written (write)many letters by the time she comes home. They will be very happy when Iniya becomes an IAS officer.

Writing and Creative Writing


K.  Nalan’s grandfather showed him an old treasure trunk. A road map was stuck on the trunk. It showed the spot where a key was hidden. Look at the road map and write five directions to reach the spot where the key is hidden. Discuss with your partner and compare your directions with those of your classmates.


1. Go straight along this road.

2. Climb up the steep side.

3. Walk on the bridge.

4. Cross the bridge and the tree close to it.

5. Reach the heap of stones where the key is hidden.


Venba was walking along the beach. When she saw a beautiful green perfume bottle that had been washed up on the shore she bent down and picked it up. There was something inside the bottle and it was calling her. When she opened the bottle….?!!!

L.  Imagine you are Venba and act the situations in the class. Then conclude this mysterious story in your own words. Write at least five or six sentences with the help of the words given in the box.

Tiny   Sing     Talk         Bird       Free       Fly     Gift      Thank

she saw a tiny bird in it. It was singing. Venba thought that it was a gift to her. The bird talked to Venba. At its request, Venba opened the bottle and set the bird free. The bird thanked Venba and flew away happily.

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