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Samcheer Kalvi 7th English Books The Red-Headed League

English : Term 1 Unit 2 : Supplementary : The Red-Headed League


Sherlock Holmes –     the famous detective

Doctor Watson –        a doctor and Sherlock’s friend

Jabez Wilson –           a red-haired shopkeeper

Vincent Spaulding –   Wilson’s assistant, also known as John Clay

Duncan Ross –            Spaulding’s accomplice, a man with red hair

Mr.Jones –                 a detective from Scotland Yard


1. strong room – a room in a bank designed to protect valuable items against fire and theft

2. crates – a wooden box used for transporting goods

3. investigation – systematic examination

4. tunnel – an artificial underground passage

5. notorious – famous for some bad qualities

6. cellar – lower ground floor; basement

7. recognized – identified

Questions Answers

A. Say whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’.       

1. Photography was Vincent Spaulding’s hobby. (False)

2. Mr. Ross did not want to hire Mr. Wilson. (False)

3. Mr. Wilson worked for Mr. Ross for six weeks. (False)

4. Mr. Jones was a lawyer. (False)

5. Spaulding dug a tunnel from the cellar of the shop to the jewellery shop. (False)

B. Complete the table based on the information from the text.


Holmes’ Findings

1. Mr. Holmes found the tunnel. Clues: He hit the ground with his stick.

2. Mr. Spaulding dug the tunnel. Clues: The legs of his trousers were dirty.

3. The tunnel was made to get into the bank’s strong room. Clues: The cellar was behind the shop and the tunnel led to the bank at the back of the shop.

4. Spaulding could be the thief. Clues: On seeing Spaulding, Holmes recognized him to be John Clay, the thief.

C. Answer the following questions.

1. Why did Jabez Wilson meet Mr. Holmes?

Jabez Wilson was given a job at the Red-Headed League on a salary of four pounds a week. He worked there from 10 a.m to 2 p.m everyday. After eight weeks the league was closed and dissolved. Jabel Wilson felt that someone had been playing a practical joke on him. So he met Mr. Holmes seeking a solution.

2. Describe Vincent Spaulding.

Vincent Spaulding worked as assistant in Wilson’s shop. He agreed to work for half-wages. Actually his name was John Clay. He was a notorious thief. He induced Wilson to join the Red-Headed League. During his absence from the shop, Vincent Spaulding dug a tunnel from the cellar of the shop to the strong room of a bank at the back.

3. Why did Spaulding spend a lot of time in the cellar?

Spaulding was busy digging a tunnel from the cellar to the bank. He did this during the absence of the owner Jabez Wilson. So he spent a lot of time in the cellar.

4. Why was Mr. Wilson hired to copy the Encyclopaedia?

Vincent Spaulding and Duncan Ross wanted to make a tunnel from the pawn shop to the bank. For this, they wanted the owner Jabez Wilson to be away from the shop. They hired him to copy the Encyclopaedia so that they could keep him away from the shop while the tunnel was being dug.

5. How did Holmes’ team catch the thieves?

Holmes, Watson, Jones and a Policeman were hiding behind the boxes. Some other policemen were waiting at the front door of the bank and near the shop. At midnight Spaulding moved aside some stones of the strong room floor and came out. He was followed by Ross. At once Holmes came out and hit Spaulding’s arm. The gun fell to the ground. Spaulding was caught. Ross who got into the tunnel was caught by the policemen at the other end of the tunnel. Thus Holmes’ team caught the thieves.

D. Based on your reading of the text complete the pyramid by arranging the sequence in the correct order.

* Wilson read the Red Headed League’s advertisement.

* Mr. Ross asked Wilson to copy the Encyclopaedia.

* Mr. Ross asked Spaulding to copy the Encyclopaedia.

* Holmes recognised Spaulding who was actually John Clay, a notorious criminal.

* Homes found the tunnel from the cellar to the bank’s strong room.

* Spaulding showed the Red Headed League’s advertisement to Wilson.

* Spaulding and Ross were caught by the famous detective.

Spaulding and Ross were caught by the famous detective.

Homes found the tunnel from the cellar to the bank’s strong room.

Holmes recognised Spaulding who was actually John Clay, a notorious criminal.

Wilson asked Sherlock Holmes for Help

One day he found the notice that ‘The Red – Headed League’ was dissolved.

Wilson was assigned to copy the encyclopaedia

Wilson got the job in The Red – Headed League

Project, Connecting to Self, Step to Success


E. Here is the sample of an advertisement of a circus.

Imagine you have visited a Mystery Theme Park. You have come across Make an eye-catching advertisement with the help of the given clues.

* a mirror maze

 * scary faces

* eerie sounds

* a ghostly figure

* a pitch dark room

Ghosts! Ghosts Everywhere Face them all you, now here

❖ Turn everywhere, Ghosts appear – Mirror Maze

❖ Masked faces, fill with fright – Scary faces

❖ Howling, crying, screaming sounds – Eerie Sounds

❖ See the ghosts walk and talk – Ghostly figure

❖ Darkness sends a dread through spine – Pitch Dark Room

 Enjoy the eerie, unearthly feeling


F. Observe the pictures carefully and write your answers.

One day your parents had gone for a wedding. You are all alone at home. Suddenly at midnight, someone knocks at the door. What will you do?

I will walk softly to the door. I will switch on the light at the door. Softly pushing the door screen I’d try to see if anyone is there. If I suspect the presence of strangers, I would wake my neighbours up by calling them over phone. 

While you are coming to school, if a stranger gives you a chocolate what will you do?

I won’t accept anything from a stranger. Saying ‘No, thank you’ I will try to get away from him. If he continues to follow me I’ll get into a house or shop nearby and call for help.


G. Just like the example, use the key to fill in the blanks and break the code.



ICT Corner

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2. You can see the links of lessons of 12 tenses with their structure and uses.

3. Click the tense which you want to reinforce. (For Ex. Present Prefect).

4. At the end of each lesson Quiz and games link is given. Click those and check your understanding.

5. You can continue with the other perfect group of tenses by following the same method.

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