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Samcheer Kalvi 7th English Books Man Overboard

English : Term 3 Unit 2 : Supplementary : Man Overboard

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A. Complete the following statements.

1. Everyone in the ship started to pray because they received a message about the formation of storm

2. Vasantha’s imagination run wild because she remembered her class teacher telling about a big storm

3. Vasantha made a lot of noise because a man tumbled over the railings into the wild sea

4. Vasantha could not see the rescue operation because the boat was too far for her to see what was happening

5. The captain presented a gift to Vasantha because of her immediate action in saving a man

B.  Identify the speaker / character.

1. Don’t worry, Madam, it’s only a warning. [Answer: A.gentleman]

2. A man fell into the sea. Please save him. [Answer: Vasantha]

3. Stop ship. Drop anchor. Quick! [Answer: Captain of the ship]

4. He’ll have to be given artificial respiration and kept warm. [Answer: The doctor]

5. Wake up, child. [Answer: A sailor]

C. Book Talk!

Read the story once again and fill in the boxes.


♦ Beginning : Vasantha was on board a ship called S.S. Rajula. She was travelling to Singapore after her stay with her grandparents.

♦ Middle : Due to a strong wind, the ship rocked to and fro. Huge waves were dashing against it. A man on board tumbled over the railings into the wild sea. Vasantha shouted for help. The rescue officers saved him and he was sent for immediate medical care.

♦ End : The man was saved. The captain of the ship was pleased and presented her a model of a ship. Vasantha was the happiest person on board that day.


♦ When : She boarded a ship called S.S. Rajula which was going to Singapore.

♦ Where : At Madras Harbour.


♦ Vasantha : Vasantha, a young girl.

♦ Captain : Captain Lindsay, Captain of the ship ‘S.S. Rajula’.

♦ Others :

1. A person standing next to Vasantha.

2. An old lady.

3. A gentleman.

4. Another lady who was sitting beside Vasantha.

5. A man who fell into the sea.

6. Two sailors who saved him.

7. The ship’s doctor.

8. Two nurses.

9. Rescue team.


♦ Describe the problem in the story :

When a huge wave lashed the ship, a man tumbled over the railings into the wild sea.


♦ Describe the solution :

Vasantha alerted everyone to save the man. The Rescue team struggled and the two sailors dragged the man to the ship. Immediate medical care was given to him.

Favorite part

♦ Write the part you enjoyed the most :

Vasantha’s immediate action in alerting the members of the ship to save the man.

Project, Connecting to Self, Step to Success


D. Read the incidents. Work in small groups to role play the situations in which they showed their presence of mind. Each group should perform the skit for the rest of the class. Share similar situations in the class.

MUMBAI: A brave 10-year-old girl applied her school lessons and saved 16 lives evenas the fire at Crystal Towers in the Parel area of Central Mumbai killed four and injured another 16 people on Wednesday.

Zen Sadavarte, who is a class 3 student, was sleeping when her mother spotted the smoke at around 8 am. Zen was trapped on the 12th floor of the 16 storied-building where the fire had started. However, without getting deterred Zen showed presence of mind and applied the safety tips taught to her in school to save the lives of her family members and neighbours.

Upon spotting fire, as everybody rushed out for safety, an asthmatic girl was feeling breathless. Upon hearing her mother cry, Zen quickly took pieces of cloth from her house, wet them and urged her family and neighbours to cover their noses with them and breathe through it.

Source: Indian Express, dt. August 23, 2018

PUDHUCHERY: When at first C. Vijaykumar saw his son, V.N.C. Revin, running towardsthe security guard at the Jipmer auditorium, he did not know what had happened.

The two were walking in the institute’s campus last November when the incident occurred. On catching up, Mr. Vijaykumar understood that his son had spotted an electrical equipment sparking due to short circuit, and had gone up to the guard to inform him. Young Revin took his father’s phone and immediately dialled 101 to alert the fire brigade.

With his presence of mind, the boy was able to avert a major fire accident, and for this, he was awarded a bravery award by Chief Minister N. Rangasamy at the Independence Day celebrations last week.

Source: The Hindu, dt. August 23, 2015


E. Look at the picture. Browse the internet with the help of your teacher to get information about the little brave hearts of India.

Search for similar brave hearts in your locality.

Scan the QR. Download the nomination form for National Bravery Award.

Read the instructions and fill the nomination for NBA.


F. In each question below, there is a sentence in which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts which are labelled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

1. When he

P: did not know

Q: he was nervous and

R: heard the hue and cry at midnight

S: what to do


 [Answer: (a) RQPS]

After looking at the given parts P,Q,R and S

it can be concluded that the correct order will be:

When he → heard the hue and cry at midnight → he was nervous and → did not know → what to do.

so correct order is RQPS.

option A

2.  They felt safer

P: to watch the mountain

Q: of more than five miles

R: as they settled down

S: from a distance

a. RPSQ   b.RSQP  c.  PQSR  d.  PRSQ

[Answer: (d) PRSQ]

3. If you need help

P: promptly and politely

Q: ask for attendants

R: to help our customers

S: who have instructions

a. SQPR b. QPSR c. QSRP  d. SQRP

[Answer: (c) QSRP]

4. He knew that

P: and then to save himself

Q: was to save all the lives

R: entrusted to his care

S: the duty of a captain

a. PQRS  b. SQRP  c. SPRQ   d.  QSRP

[Answer: (b) SQRP]

5. With her body

P: dragging her unwilling feet

Q: weak and infirm

R: doubled with age

S: she persisted in her mission

a. PQRS b.  QPRS c.  RQPS d.  SRPQ

[Answer: (a) PQRS]


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