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Samacheer Kalvi 9th English Books Mothers Voice

English : Unit 6 : Supplementary : Mothers Voice – by Vasil Berezhnoy

Warm up

If you are given an opportunity to go on a one-way trip to Mars, will you accept it? Discuss.


chore (n) – a routine task, especially a household one

orchard (n) – a piece of enclosed land planted with fruit trees

expedition (n) – a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war

quartz (n) – a hard, transparent mineral substance, used in making electronic equipment

exotic (adj.) – unusual and exciting

void (n) – a completely empty space

confronted (v) – to face, meet, or deal with a difficult situation or person

departure (n) – the action of leaving, especially to start a journey

pears (n) – a sweet, juicy, yellow or green fruit with a round base and slightly pointed top

galaxy (n) – one of the large, independent groups of stars in the universe

A. Choose the correct answer

1. Mother was excited because it was her first visit to the moon.

a. her son would be home in the spring

b. her son was coming back to earth

c. it was her first visit to the moon

d. her son was going to another galaxy

2. On weekdays, as Mother went about the chores her singing was muted and a little sad.

a. she constantly thought of her son

b. she was always tired

c. her singing would be soft and almost inaudible

d. her singing was muted and a little sad

3. Selenopolis occupies more than a hundred square kilometres on the moon.

a. Selenopolis

b. Metropolis

c. Astrodrome

d. Orchards

4. The Community of Nations Square is where people of different nationalities come after work.

a. live on the moon

b. work on the moon

c. walk on the moon

d. of different nationalities come after work

5. They are planning an expedition to a neighbouring galaxy.

a. galaxy

b. country

c. planet

d. star

6. The mother was not able to understand why people wanted to leave the moon because it was better to remain as a part of solar-system.

a. it was better to remain as a part of solar-system

b. it was better to remain on the earth

c. it was not possible to come back

d. it was a place to enjoy life

B. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

1. It’s so easy to walk here, son! Answer – Character: Mother

2. They’re planning an expedition to a neighbouring galaxy. Answer – CharacterSon

3. Why should people go off into the unknown? Answer – CharacterMother

4. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again. Answer – CharacterSon

5. Operator on duty, …… report to office. Answer – CharacterOperator

C. Answer the following question in about 100 – 120 words.

1. Write a paragraph listing all the sentimental and the scientific reasons given by the mother against the expedition to neighbouring galaxy.

Title : Mother’s Voice

Author : Vasil Berezhnoy

Characters : Astronaut and his mother

Theme : “Distant scene enchants the eyes”.

The astronauts’ mother admired the moonscape. She wondered that the moon was a beautiful place. But she thought of her orchards to bloom and yield fruits. She was excited to see the enormous lily – shaped tent over a crater. Though it might be an exotic experience to swim on the moon she prefer the river Dnieper on the Earth. She was against the expedition to a neighbouring galaxy. She asked why people should go off into unknown place. She did not want them to invite trouble. The astronauts were interested on more expeditions. Mother wanted the people to settle properly on the moon first and then on the planets in the solar system before going further. According to her life on Earth was a miracle. She wanted him to return to the Earth atleast in Autumn. But he had made all arrangements to go to another planet. The astronaut could not help it even though he would not hear his mother’s voice.

‘There’s something cool about being involved in new missions to other planets’.

D. Think and answer.

“The explorer in this story is travelling to another galaxy. The final destination is an  unknown planet in another galaxy. The travel will take many years”. What qualities and lifeskills do you think an explorer like him must possess? Why? Do you have any of these skills and qualities? Explain.

The qualities and life skills an explorer like him need to possess:

Regardless of one’s position, an astronaut needs certain qualities for the selection process and space travel.

• Intelligence : Astronauts need above average intelligence.

• Adaptability : Astronauts have many responsibilities in space.

• Education : The basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological science, physical science or mathematics followed by three years of professional experience (or 100 hours of pilot – in – command time in jet air craft) candidate also must pass NASA’s astronaut physical examination.

Physical requirements :

• Distant visual acuity : 20 / 100 or better uncorrected, correctable to 20 / 20 each eye.

• Blood Pressure : 140 / 90 measure in a sitting position.

• Height between 62 and 75 inches. (5″ 2″ and 6″ 3″)

Mental Endurance :

An astronaut has to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine the fitness to fly on a mission of NASA or ISRO.

About myself:

Regarding intelligence I am an average student at present. I shall maintain it in my higher studies too to prove to be a candidate with high IQ. I am good at maths and physical requirements science, subjects including computer science. My blood pressure is normal.

• I have 20/20 normal eyesight in both eyes.

• I may have the normal height of 5 feet 5 inch when turn out to be a youth.

Mental Endurance :

I possess the mental endurance. I have never been short tempered. I have the adaptability and the responsibilities to perform the allotted duties.

E. Based on the understanding of the story, discuss in groups and make a note of the following.

The story of a young astronaut who wants to hear his mother’s voice which is still young and ringing. The astronaut and his mother are on the moon. She has gone there for the first time. She admires the moonscape. However she wants to live on the earth. She is also against people who are interested in exploration of neighbouring planets. The astronaut is ready to leave for another planet. It may take many years to reach the destination. The mother is worried that her son will lose his friends and relatives.


A young astronaut

The mother of the astronaut

People who are on the moon

Plot :The moon is the plot. The astronaut and his mother are on the moon. She is astonished to see strange space ships and people planning to go on expedition to the neighbouring galaxy. The long tunnels and enormous lily – shaped tent over a center with a diameter of one kilometre surprise the mother. She admires the moonscape. She also praises the wonderful life on the earth.

Conclusion :

The mother is excited to see the strange things as the moon. She is also surprised to see the people who are busy to leave for another planet. The mother wonders why the people are planning to other planets ever before setting on the moon. She pleads her son to visit the earth during Autumn. But the astronaut is quite sure that he cannot see his mother again. He has got the command to leave for another planet. The mother who longs to see her son will have only a disappointment. It will take a long number of years for the mother and her son to meet again.

Do you know?

* On October 2008, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) launched its first unmanned LunarSpace Probe “Chandrayaan-1”.

* India became the fourth nation to place its flag on the

Moon and collected soils and detected water-ice on the

Moon for the first time using Minerology mapper

 * On August 28, 2009 the mission ended as the probe stopped sending radio signals.

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