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Samacheer Kalvi 8th English Books Fire Work Night

English : Unit 5 : Poem : Fire Work Night

Warm up

How does noise pollution affect people, animals and birds?

Old Age Home

People will suffer from hearing impairment, sleep disturbances, cardiovascular disturbances, disturbances in mental health and impaired task performance.


Noise pollution affects animals by the way of a reduction in feeding patterns, hearing problems, reproduction problems, reduction in production and behavioural changes.


Heath defects such as stunted growth, issues with their reproduction will be caused for birds. The ability to hear predators will be jeopardized.


bang (n) – a sudden loud, sharp noise

yelp (v) – a short, sharp cry,especially of pain or alaram

trembling (v) – to shake slightly/ short movements, as from fear

rushing (v) – moving with urgent haste / fast

couch(n) – a type of high bed/ sofa

crouch (v) – adopt a position where the knees are bent and upper body is brought forward and down

kennel (n) – a small shelter for a dog

fright (n) – a sudden intense feeling of fear

Questions Answers

a. Answer the following questions.

1. Why was the dog frightened?

Answer: The dog was frightened, by the fireworks on bonfire night.

2. Whom did the dog ask for help?

Answer: The dog asked the mistress and master for help.

3. What did the dog do when the door is opened?

Answer: The dog rushed in, when the door was opened.

4. Where did the dog hide himself?

Answer: The dog hid himself behind the couch.

5. Where will the dog go when the firework stops?

Answer: He will go to his kennel, when the firework stops.

b. Literary appreciation

1. Mistress, Master, hear me yelp,

I’m out-of-doors, I want your help.

Let me in-oh, LET ME IN

Before those fireworks begin

Write the rhyme scheme of the above poetic lines.

Answer: The rhyme scheme of the above poetic lines is ‘a a b b

2. To shoot again I can’t bear that;

My tall is down, my ears are flat,

I’m trembling here outside the door,

Oh, don’t you love me anymore?

Pick out the rhyming words from the above poetic lines.

Answer: The rhyming words are ‘that – flat’ and ‘door – anymore’.

A dog whistle (also known as silent whistle or Galton’s whistle) is a type of whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range, which people cannot hear but some other animals can, including dogs and domestic cats, and is used in their training. It was invented in 1876 by Francis Galton and is mentioned in his book Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development, in which he describes experiments to test the range of frequencies that could be heard by various animals, such as a house cat.

Rhyming words

Match the rhyming words from the poem.

Hark –do

Too –fright

Yelp – dark

Grand –crouch

Couch –help

Night –hand

Figure of speech

a. Personification

Personification is a figure of speech in which a thing, an idea or an animal is given a human attribute. Human qualities are given to non-human things or ideas, for a better understanding the writer’s message. The use of personification also helps to show a character’s attitude towards inanimate objects. This adds interest and fun to poems and stories. The literal meaning of the words should not be taken into consideration.


The Sun smiled down upon them.

* Justice is blind.

* The wind howled in the night.

* The moon played hide and seek with the clouds.

* The city never sleeps at night.

* The boat danced in the puddle.

* The flowers nodded their heads

* The thunder grumbled.

* The lightning danced all over the sky.

* The iron hands of Death.

* The popcorn left out of the bowl.


1. What is being personified in the sentence- ‘The full moon peeped through partial clouds’?

Answer: The full moon is being personified here. It peeps through the partial clouds.

2. Which of the following is an example of personification?

a. The chocolates smelled like delicious cake.

b. The chocolates smell delicious.

c. The delicious smell of chocolates invited me to eat them.

d. I dreamt of delicious chocolates.

[Answer: (c) The delicious smell of chocolates invited me to eat them] 

3. Personification is _.

a. giving human attributes to human beings.

b. comparing unrelated things.

c. giving human attributes to non-human objects.

d. talking the negative aspects of a person.

[Answer: (c) giving human attributes to non-human objects.]


I. Poem Comprehension.

1. Mistress, Master, hear me yelp,

(a) Who is yelping?

Answer: The dog is yelping.

(b) What does the word ‘yelp’ mean?

Answer: It means ‘a sharp painful cry’.

2. Oh, don’t you love me anymore?

(a) Who is the dog questioning?

Answer: The dog is questioning the mistress.

(b) Why is he asking such a question?

Answer: He is asking this question because he has been left outside and no one is responding to his cry.

II. Poetic Devices.

1. Before these fireworks begin

(a) Pick out the words in alliteration.

Answer: Before – begin are the words in alliteration.

2. The lights are on, it’s warm and grand-

Mistress, let me lick your hand

Before I slip behind the couch.

There I’ll hide myself and crouch

(a) Write the rhyme scheme of the above poetic lines.

Answer: The rhyme scheme of the above poetic lines is ‘a a b b’.

III. Short Questions and Answers.

1. When were the fireworks burst?

Answer: They were burst on bonfire night.

2. Why were the ears of the dog flat?

Answer: The ears of the dog were flat because it was scared.

3. What did the dog feel, when it went in?

Answer: The dog felt warm, and safe inside the house.

4. What did the mistress ask her children?

Answer: She asked them whether she can allow the dog into the house.

5. Why did the dog say that he would guard the mistress safely all the night?

Answer: The dog said that he would guard the mistress safely because she understood his fright.

IV. Paragraph Question with Answer.

1. Narrate the fright of the dog left outside the house.

Answer: The dog is left outside the house on bonfire night. He gets scared by the sound and bursting of fireworks. He requests his mistress and master to allow him into the house. He is unable to bear the loud bang sound. Out of fear, his tail is down and the ears are flat. He trembles outside the door. He says that he will die with fright, if they don’t allow him into the house. As soon as the mistress opens the door, he rushes through and feels safe inside. It feels grateful to her mistress.

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