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Samacheer Kalvi 6th Social Science Books English Medium Understanding Disaster

Social Science : Geography : Term 3 Unit 3 : Understanding Disaster

I Answer in brief 

1. Define Disaster.

  • A disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a society involving human and material loss.
  • Disaster is broadly classified into natural and man-made disasters.

2. What were the subjects taught at Nalanda University?

  • Buddhism
  • Yoga
  • Vedic literature
  • Medicine

3. Write a short note on ‘Thunder and lightning’.

  • Thunder is a series of sudden electrical discharge resulting from atmospheric conditions.
  • This discharge results in sudden flashes of light and trembling sound waves which are commonly known as thunder and lightning.

4. Highlight the achievement of Guptas in metallurgy.

  • The achievement of Guptas in metallurgy was the Mehrauli Iron pillar. King Chandragupta installed it in Delhi.
  • This pillar has lasted through the centuries without rusting.

5. Name the three kinds of tax collected during the Harsha’s reign.

  • Bhaga
  • Hiranya
  • Bali

II Answer in a paragraph

1. What is flood? Explains the do’s and don’ts during floods.

i) An overflow of a large amount of water, beyond its normal limits, especially on the rainfed areas is called a flood.

ii) During floods – Do’s.

  • To find out the settlement area whether it is to be affected by flood or not.
  • Keeping radio, torch and additional batteries, storing drinking water, dry foods items, salt and sugar. Safeguarding materials like kerosene, candle, match box, clothes and valuable things.
  • Keeping umbrella and bamboo poles.
  • Keeping first aid box and strong ropes to bind things.
  • To dig canals from the farm land, to drain the excessive water, keeping sand bags etc.

iii) During floods – Don’ts.

  • Try to connect electricity once it is cut.
  • Operate vehicles.
  • Swim against floods.
  • Avoid going on excursions.
  • Neglect flood warning messages.

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