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Samacheer Kalvi 6th Social Science Books English Medium Road Safety

Social Science : Civics : Term 3 Unit 3 : Road Safety

I. Answer the following

1. Prepare the slogans for road safety.

Slogans on Road Safety

  1. Alert today – Alive tomorrow.
  2. Leave sooner, drive slower, live longer.
  3. Speed thrills but kills.
  4. Be alert! Accidents hurt.
  5. Drive carefully, to live joyfully.
  6. A little care makes accidents rare.
  7. Fast-drive could be your last drive.
  8. Driving faster can cause disaster
  9. Chance takers are accident makers.

2. Identify the following signs

No U turnNo entryCross roadHospital

3. Discuss about the statistics of 2017 accidents data.

  • Nearly three persons died every ten minutes in road accidents across India last year.
  • The Report, prepared by the Transport Research Wing of the Ministry of Road Transport and highways, discovered that a total of 4,64,910 road accident were reported by States and Union territories in the calender year of 2017, claiming 1,47,913 lives and causing injuries to 4,70,975 persons.
  • The subject of road safety is an important one. Victims of hit and run cases would now be compensated for up to Rs one million in case of road accident fatalities.
  • Among vehicle categories involved in road accidents, two-wheelers accounted for the highest share (33.9%) in total accidents and fatalities (29.8%) in 2017.
  • However there has been a decline in the total number of road accidents as compared with the year 2016. In percentage terms the number of accidents in 2017 was lower by 3.3 percent and injuries 4.8 percent over that of the previous year.

4. Debate : Is Wearing helmet necessary?

  • It is important for motor cyclists to understand the risks of riding without a helmet.
  • Riders who do not wear helmets are at risk of suffering traumatic brain injury if they are in an accident.
  • Without protection, the head is vulnerable to a traumatic impact in an accident even when travelling at low speeds.
  • Wearing helmet is absolutely necessary for riders and pillion riders.

5. What Should Done By Pedestrian Who Crossing The Road?

  • Walk on any side of the road if there are footpaths.
  • On roads without footpath walk on your extreme rightside facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Use zebra crossing, foot over bridge & subways to cross the roads.
  • Where such facilities are not available be extra cautious while crossing the road.
  • Children below 8 years of age should cross the road with the help of elders.
  • Cross the road when the vehicles are at a safe distance.
  • Wear light coloured dresses during night.

6. What Should Not Be Done By Pedestrian Who Crossing The Road?

  • Don’t cross the road hastily by running.
  • Don’t cross the road in front of or in between parked vehicles.
  • Don’t try to cross the road from blind corners, turnings where you are not visible to the vehicle drivers.
  • Don’t jump over the railings to cross road.

7. What are the do’s and don’ts of traveling by bus to school?


  • Get up early and start early from home.
  • Board the bus from the designated bus stop in a queue.
  • Once inside the bus, behave properly.
  • Hold on to the railings of the bus.
  • Alight only at the designated bus stop.
  • Get down only when the bus has stopped completely.
  • If the driver is not following the road safety norms, bring it to the notice of school authorities/parents or traffic helpline.


  • Do not rush or run to catch your bus.
  • Do not stand on the steps of the bus.
  • Do not make noise that may distract the driver.
  • Do not put any part of the body outside the bus.
  • Do not get in or get down from a moving bus

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