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Mughals Study Materials

TNPSC Syllabus of History & Culture of India

  1. Indus Valley Civilization – Guptas, Delhi Sultans, Mughals and Marathas – Age of Vijayanagaram and Bahmani Kingdoms – South Indian History.
  2. Change and Continuity in the Socio-Cultural History of India.
  3. Characteristics of Indian Culture, Unity in Diversity – Race, Language, Custom.
  4. India as a Secular State, Social Harmony.

Mughals Syllabus based topics with PDF links in English & Tamil

7th Std Term 2 – [ The Mughal Empire ]7th Std Term 2 – [ முகலாயப் பேரரசு ]
11th Std – [ The Mughal Empire ]11th Std – [ முகலாயப் பேரரசு ]

Micro-topics of Mughals

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