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Rig Vedic Cuture: Religion and Rituals

Vedic Religion and Rituals

  • Religion and rituals played an important role in Vedic society.
  • In the Rig Veda, the natural forces sun, moon, rivers, mountains and rains were defined as divinities.
  • The religion was naturalistic and polytheistic.
  • Indra was the most important god and he was called Purandara.
  • Agni was seen as intermediary between god and people.
  • Surya was a god who removed darkness.
  • Ushas was the goddess of dawn.
  • Aditi, Prithvi and Sinivali are other goddesses.
  • Varuna, the god of water was next in importance.
  • This god was the upholder of natural order.
  • Soma was the god of plants and the drink was named after him.
  • Soma drink was part of the ritual and the preparation of this intoxicating drink is explained in many hymns.
  • Maruts was the god of strength.
  • Interestingly there are few references to Rudra or Siva.
  • Rituals were adopted as a solution to many issues and the problems of day-to-day life and thus the priests had an important role in the society.

Characteristics of Society

  • In the early Vedic period lineage and tribes constituted society, and the king had limited power.
  • The various tribal groups of Aryans and non-Aryans fought to control the territories.
  • Social divisions did not take deep root, although the concept of varna and Aryan identities existed.
  • Pastoralism was predominant and cattle centred clashes were common, although agriculture did play an important role.
  • The archaeological sites suggest different types of craft production including metal, carpentry, pottery and clothes.

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