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Gupta Period – Science & Technology

Mathematics and Astronomy

  • The invention of the theory of zero and the consequent evolution of the decimal system are to be credited to the thinkers of this age.
  • In the Surya Siddanta, Aryabhatta (belonging to late fifth and early sixth century CE) examined the true cause of the solar In calculation of the size of the earth, he is very close to the modern estimation.
  • He was the first astronomer to discover that the earth rotates on its own axis.
  • He is also the author of Aryabhattiyam, which deals with arithmetic, geometry and algebra.
  • Varahamihira‚Äôs Brihat Samhita (sixth century CE) is an encyclopaedia of astronomy, physical geography, botany and natural history.
  • His other works are Panch Siddhantika and Brihat Jataka.
  • Brahmagupta (late sixth and early seventh century CE) is author of important works on mathematics and astronomy, namely Brahmasphuta-siddhanta and Khandakhadyaka.

Medical Sciences

  • Metallic preparations for the purpose of medicine and references to the use of mercury and iron by Varahamihira and others indicate that much progress was made in chemistry.
  • The Navanitakam was a medical work, which is a manual of recipes, formulation and prescriptions.
  • Hastyayurvedaor the veterinary science authored by Palakapya attests to the advances made in medical science during the Gupta period.

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