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Gupta Period – Origins of the Gupta Dynasty

  • Evidence on the origin and antecedents of the Gupta dynasty is limited. The Gupta kings seem to have risen from the modest origins.
  • Chandragupta I, who was the third ruler of the Gupta dynasty married Kumaradevi, a Lichchavi princess. The marriage is mentioned in the records of his successors with pride indicating that royal connection would have contributed to the rise of Guptas.
  • Lichchavi was an old, established gana-sangha and its territory lay between the Ganges and the Nepal Terai.
  • According to Allahabad pillar inscription Samudragupta, the illustrious son of Chandragupta I, had conquered the whole fertile plains west of Prayag to Mathura and launched a spectacular raid through Kalinga into the south as far as Kanchipuram, the Pallava capital.
  • The Puranas mention Magadha, Allahabad and Oudh as the Gupta dominions.

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